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By purchasing NFTs from this collection, you are investing in Amazon shares, since the price of each NFT will be guaranteed by real shares that NFT Stock Creative will buy with the funds earned.

Each NFT in this collection is unique. The rarest items in the collection have the highest guaranteed price, which will be backed by real Amazon shares that NFT Stock Creative will purchase on its balance sheet.

Other features of this collection include a special deflationary model, collaboration with real Lucha Libre fighters. See the FAQ for details.

NFT Stock Creative

NFT Stock Creative is a team of enthusiasts who aim to rethink traditional stock investing in terms of modern trends. NFT and blockchain are such a trend. Their main advantages are anonymity and reliability. This is what the modern institution of investment lacks so much.

Amazon Luchadores Mask #974

Amazon Luchadores Mask #974

The collection of Lucha libre fighters’s also called Luchadores and their mask inspired by Amazon. Created by NFT Stocks Creative.

  • ornament: black
  • Mask Base: light grey oval
  • eyes: dollars
  • mouth: open with tongue
  • Background: striped shine orange blue
  • printed: colored print
  • branding: black+eyebrows+beard
  • duct tape: punk


  • Timeline 0 step


    Collection mint
  • Timeline 1 step


    Website launch
  • Timeline 2 step


    Whitepaper and Roadmap publication
  • Timeline 3 step


    50 NFT sales - 1st raw
    Buy NFTs!
  • Timeline 4 step


    50 NFT Giveaway - 1st raw
    Participate in copetition!
  • Timeline 5 step


    50 NFT sales - 2nd raw
  • Timeline 6 step


    50 NFT Giveaway - 2nd raw
  • Timeline 7 step


    50 NFT sales - 3rd raw
  • Timeline 8 step


    50 NFT Giveaway - 3rd raw
  • Timeline 9 step


    50 NFT sales - 4th raw
  • Timeline 10 step


    50 NFT whitelist - 1st raw
  • Timeline 11 step


    50 NFT whitelist - 2nd raw
    50 NFT sales - 5th raw
  • Timeline 12 step


    Closed club holders LAUNCH


Answers to questions you may ask.

  • Why should I buy the Amazon Luchadores NFT Collection?

    1. The NFT price will be backed by real shares.

    The price of one Amazon share over the past year was around $ 3,000 per share. Even if you have this amount in your pocket, in order to buy this stock, you have to go through 7 circles of Hell associated with opening an investment account. Each NFT in the Amazon Luchadores collection will be backed by Amazon stock, so purchasing these NFTs comes with a price guarantee. Once the entire collection has found its new owners, you can sell your NFTs at a price related to the current stock price at any time, as NFT Stock Creative will be ready to buy them from you.

    2. The number of elements in the collection will be reduced.

    50% of all earnings received from the subsequent resale of our NFTs will be used to buy back NFTs at the market price and then sent to a non-existent wallet. Thus, the number of elements in the collection will become smaller, which means that the cost of individual elements of the collection will be higher.

    3. Whitelist the following collections for project holders.

    NFT owners of this collection will be automatically included in the whitelist of our next collections, which will give them the right to purchase them at a fair price.

    4. Private club for holders.

    Since all NFT owners are investors to some degree, a private community will be provided for current holders, where they can echange their thoughts, as well as receive unique offers from our partners.

    5. Investment recommendations for project holders.

    Also, all current holders will be automatic members of a closed community, where signals from the best experts in the field will be published.

    6. Thematic online and offline events.

    All current holders will be invited to the annual offline/online events organized by the community.

    7. Openness of the project.

    All current holders will be able to determine the development of the project.

  • What will be guaranteed price of each NFT?

  • How to become an ambassador?

  • How does referral program on Tweeter work?

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